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Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone will the event be in?
The live sessions will be presented in (YOUR TIME ZONE) time, To adjust the display to a different time zone, click the CHANGE link on the Schedule page.

When will I receive my login for the event?
Your login ID is the email address you used to register. The OpenWater system does not use passwords for Virtual Conference registration.

If you need to register the day of the event, you must contact us at (contact email here) for access to the platform.

How do I join a session?
Sessions will open 15 minutes prior to their listed start time. Access any presentation on the schedule by clicking the  ‘Join Session’ button in the session description.

I want to watch a session again or watch a session I missed. Will sessions be available on-demand?
Sessions are recorded automatically, and the content becomes available as soon as its processed, usually within two hours. 

Can I record sessions for my own use?
No, participant recording of sessions is not permitted.

Do I need to have a Zoom Account to watch or participate?
Yes. You can access all features with a free or paid Zoom Account.

Can I view and participate in the conference from my cellphone?
We recommend against using your cellphone to attend the virtual conference, you will have much better results from a laptop or desktop. 

Can I share my registration details with colleagues?
No, only one person per registration can participate at a time.

How do I get more help if I have questions not listed here?
To get assistance, please contact (insert specific contact details here)

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